Catering & Events

We love sharing Belove moments on events like:

*Birthday Parties (At the Store or Private Location)                      *Anniversaries                      *Weddings                           *Corporate Events

Birthdays At the Store 

5 to 10 Years Old - Cookie Decoration

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During the Bday Party, Kids and adults can decorate their own cookies and their waffle bowl, in which they will have their Ice Cream after learning how to make it with the Ice Cream Making Class.

We can create any experience you can imagine with Belove. We can do customized decorations, cones and Ice Cream. We help your dreamed event come true with our Dessert Creations and special food menu.

12 Years Old and up - Milkshake Jar Decoration


During the Bday Party, the teens will be able to decorate their own Milkshake Jars with different toppings, letting their imagination blow !! After that they create their own Milkshake flavor and finalize their masterpiece with a piece of brownie and Whipped Cream.

Baby Shower - At the Store

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For the Baby Showers or gender reveal celebrations we can decorate with any theme or colors, create a custom menu, dessert table and have available activities for kids, either cookie or milkshake jar decoration as well as Ice Cream Making Class. 

Catering - Birthday Parties 


Our Catering Birthday parties are great when you want to stay home and bring the party to your family and friends, not only the kids but also the adults will have fun with the Ice Cream Class and show. The Kids will also be able to do their cookie decoration activity and at the end eat their creations with fresh Ice Cream.

Catering - Corporate Events 

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Our Corporate events are full of Magic, the team will get to see how we make our fresh Ice Cream and get a customized creation. We will create a special product for your event with customized decorations that will make your team feel special.

We hope being part of your next event and making your guests, 

experience the love through our creations.

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